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Estimated delivery times:

Question: How can I get in contact with you? Will you answer my questions?

Answer: By email ‘[email protected]
You’ll get a reply to the following requests within 24 hours:
a) you paid for your order, but its order status changed “to canceled”
b) 8 days passed and your order is still “processing”
c) 9 days passed (DHL International) / 16 days passed (priority mail) after your order was marked “completed,” but you didn’t receive your shipment yet


Question: Can you tell me more about the shipping process?

Answer: The delivery cost is 6 euros all-in. Your order will usually be dispatched 1-3 business days after the order is placed. Occasionally, it takes a few days longer than planned; we’re not Amazon. The delivery itself usually takes an additional 1-5 business days. We’ll notify you as soon as your order has been dispatched. If your order has still not arrived 9 business days after >dispatch< (‘Completed’), you can ask us for the tracking status – but not before!
You will receive your order in the form of a small bubble wrap envelope – it will be pushed into the mailbox just like an ordinary letter. It’s NOT required to sign for the shipment.
We do not offer express shipping under any circumstances.

Question: You only accept bitcoins – where can I buy bitcoins?

Answer: Our latest tip for people with a lot of cash: (Cash/Western Union/Transfer) – read thru’ the FAQ given there and get help from the sellers there if you need it! Buy from among the sellers in your surroundings (in the case of cash transfers) at the lowest price per Bitcoin, and make sure that the seller already has some reviews if you intend to pay by Western Union/Bank Transfer. You can get your own BTC address quickly and simply from – once you have that, you can send the bitcoins to us from there.
Alternatively, there are other reasonable sources where you can buy bitcoins by bank transfer, but which might seem a bit complicated for a novice and which could require a one-off verification process: with / / / / /
Perfect-Money, OKPAY, LiqPay, and EgoPay can be exchanged to Bitcoin via or

Question: How much product X do you still have in stock? Can you also supply X kilos? How quickly can you send that to me?

Answer: How much we have in stock is irrelevant. You will receive your order, like any other customer, within a few days – we are not Amazon with Evening Express! Just place your order! It will either get to you in time or not – and if not, just place your order earlier next time!

Question: Can I make my whole order through your shop? Is that secure?

Answer: Yes, of course, you can. Just choose the amount you want and put it in your shopping basket – any discounts are deducted automatically. Give your delivery address at the checkout and send off your order. After the payment has been confirmed, it’s all done. Your personal information is retained by us in the internal order form only for as long as it takes to process your order. Your address details are then removed from the shopping system. As soon as we have sent your order, the order is marked as “Completed” – this is usually done within one day after the order is made. Your address details are stored offline on encrypted discs and will be deleted after 14 days.
-If you want to play it safe, you can put your address data PGP encrypted in the order notes field-

Question: How can I receive my order anonymously? Can anyone do that?

Answer: Yes! – And first of all, we’d like to remind you that your address details are only retained up to the time of dispatch and are subsequently deleted. On top of that, we have no idea whether we are dealing with a dodgy collection point or a dead letter box. So, you can have your order sent directly to your home, to a friend, to a dead-letter box, to a post box, or to a (stolen) collection point. If your order is to be delivered to your normal home address, we only need your surname, for example, ‘Smith’ – also, you don’t have to worry about home delivery, just change the nameplate on your mailbox from ‘Jones’ to ‘Jones/Smith’ until your order arrives and then change the nameplate on your mailbox back again.

Question: How do you make deliveries to Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, and other EU countries?

Answer: We send your order (in a bubble-wrap envelope) as international ‘PRIORITY MAIL’ by Deutsche Post/DHL. Your order is simply put into your mailbox – it doesn’t have to be signed for.
Austria: You can also have your order delivered to a Post24 Paketautomat (parcel machine). Be aware, however, that – as far as we know – this system is still in its infancy: the SMS-TAN system can’t be used and deliveries often simply end up in the branch office.
Upon request, we offer tracked shipment via DHL international package (with tracking). You have to receive the package personally at the doorstep.

Question: My order hasn’t been delivered because X; can I get a replacement or a refund?

Answer: No! All our deliveries are made through a standardized system to guarantee safe delivery. Orders delivered to branch offices, problems with collection points, problems with mailboxes, and so on are failures for which we are not responsible and consequently cannot compensate.
We send your order as a very small package so that there should always be sufficient room for it at your collection point or in your mailbox.

Question: I only received 0,8g of 1g!?

Answer: This MUST be your mistake, or your scale is working incorrectly. For example, Everything with 1g is packed around ~1,03-1,07g – also, we double-check the weight. We use only expensive, professional scales, which we check daily with calibration weights. A mistake of ours is -100%- ruled out.