Xanax 4MG Combo Pack – White – Green – Yellow

Xanax 4MG Combo Pack – White – Green – Yellow


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Xanax 4MG Combo Pack

Original manufacturer: Sandoz Pharmaceuticals
Original manufacturer: Qualitest Pharmaceuticals

4MG Xanax Bar – White
4MG Xanax Bar – Green
4MG Xanax Bar – Yellow

4MG Xanax Bar -White GG249 and White 2090 V
NOTE: Can combine/split in denominations of 50.
Example: Order could be 50x GG249 + 50x 2090v. Or, 150x GG249 + 50x 2090v. Or, 300x GG249 + 150x 2090v. Or, 2000x GG249 + 1000x 2090v.
If nothing is specified we will send a mixture at our discretion.


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